Construction Options

Construction options for different levels of service provided by RRWA, clients can choose the one that best suits their needs and budget.

Option 1

Supply RRWA Concrete Sleepers & Steel Uprights.

RRWA will visit your site and measure and discuss your options. Or you can simply supply us with drawings.

In this option, RRWA can provide you with a quote to drill your pier holes for you also... so all you need to do is build your retaining wall.

Option 2

RRWA to supply material & Install Steel Uprights Only.

This option is great for customers that would like to ‘have a go’ and ‘chip in’.

RRWA will set up, drill holes, set the steel uprights into concrete. We leave the installation of the sleepers, plastic membrane, aggie pipe and scoria / backfill to you.

Option 3

Supply and install retaining wall

RRWA will install your retaining wall for you.

This includes everything required to complete the retaining wall. The only thing you need to finalise yourself is the backfill of the retaining wall with the material of your choice.

Option 4

RRWA installation of Retaining Wall, Backfill and Landscape.

This is a full package service! From retaining walls, fencing, paving, roll out turf, synthetic turf, concrete paths....anything that has to do with landscaping and you want it all done -  this is the package.

RRWA brings together small local businesses to work for you to create that backyard or front yard to want! A space where you can entertain and play.


"Was so pleased that I found someone that could be flexible with my budget.” - John & Alex


“Great product and to compare with everyone else, your were the most affordable and most friendly.” - Michelle


“Aaron, you were great to deal with and true to your word. Thankyou for your great customer service. I’ll be more that than happy to let everyone know that you constructed my yard.” - Paul